Minutes 2012 09 13

Participants: Ali, Sabrina, Ghasem, Maryam, Hamid


– Longboat event

– Company invitations for networking night

– Water filter replacement in lounge


  • Longboat day of UBC rec: registration deadline is on Sep 19. ECEGSA decided to register 1 or 2 teams depending on interest of people. Sabrina mentioned that she will draft the call for participation e-mail for this event and will research about the cost and other details of the event from the REC website.
  • Hamid mentioned that, he got a list of companies of previous networking night from Ahmad Ashoori and will share it with the rest of the members.
  • Cara was assigned a task to send e-mail to hrlp asking for the replacement of waterfilter.
  • Representative in the Dept. Safety committee: Cara Maryam and Hamid were interested for the single position. They mentioned that they will sort this out via mutual discussion among them.
  • Cara was assigned the task of providing a statement of spending for the events so far.
  • Ali mentioned that he will fill out the paper work to get the money transferred to Dr. Ivanov’s account.
  • The committee decided to buy new Table Tennis bats and net. A member, Pedram did some research on the cost of these items and let the committee know. The committee will seek his advice to buy those items.
  • Ali threw an idea of having a panel discussion on the event of Networking Night and the committee welcomed the idea.