Minutes 2010 07 09

Deb helped organize the first couple of industry networking nights. She would be happy to be involved with this one.

Won’t be able to hit up companies for large amounts (since it will be a mix/mingle event)

Career services have given workshops on stuff like “how to meet people”. Good for promotion the week before the event

We tell people what they can bring (resumes, business cards, etc)

Hard part – getting a hold of the right people at companies

We need to know how to sell the tickets and keep track of who paid (good to have in lounge)

We need to know whether the GSC offers its own catering. Catering costs will be the largest.

Will IEEE be having their event in November? We need to pick a date.

We may not need as many cheese platters as we think

We MAY want to offer parking (or at least find out how much it is)

They had a website up previously with every attendee’s personal profile (student and industry)

We may want to survey industry folk to see what companies would see as providing added value to coming to this event.

What does career services ask companies who come to give private info sessions on campus?

Career services have the main university job fair in September

We can send an email to ece students asking if they have contacts with some subset of companies that we want to hit up

Meet Deb again in August to update her and figure out what we get her to do.