Minutes 2010 09 10

BBQ on Sept 11th:

  • Adam picks up stuff for BBQ
  • Mohammad takes care of drinks, chips, 2big BBQs (one of which is Zahra’s) and one small BBQ.
  • Dana brings plates and knives
  • Parisa brings cutting boards
  • Mohammad Beikahmadi will guide people to Jericho beach. (Parisa will inform him)

Coffee Break lemonade pre-approval

  • We pre-approved to provide lemonade for coffee hours.

The workshops

  • ~20 people attended for each of the welcome sessions.
  • ~10 people showed up for the Linux workshop.
  • Adam will hold ‘how to write a proposal for a scholarship’ some time soon.

Networking night

  • A meeting next week with CS and MECH guys
  • Adam will send poster to Nick (the IEEE guy) to put it in this October’s contact.
  • We were informed that the CS department can’t sponsor us.
  • Adam will send email to Panos to get some company contacts.
  • Adam will send a template of invitation to Ahmad so that he can contact more companies.
  • Ahmad will send email to IEEE think engineering contacts to ask them for sponsorship and attendance.

Web issue

  • To put links in your emails if you want them to work you have to put ‘http’ instead of ‘https’. If you are logged in, it automatically adds that ‘s’ to the end of http.