Election Candidates – Fall 2021

Joshua Fabian (MASc) – VP Social External Candidate 

As VP Social External of the ECEGSA, I want to strengthen the bond between us ECE students and the other UBC programs. Building on the awesome internal events we had in the last couple months, e.g. the beach meet ups, I want to organize more events with other programs in a similar fashion. I envision something like trivia nights, game nights, or bar tours during the cold times and sport events, BBQ evenings, or hiking trips if it’s warm enough. My goal is to give all ECE students the opportunity to connect with students outside of ECE during a relaxed and fun event!







Shreya Verma (MASc) – VP Social External Candidate

Staying and working from home for more than a year has affected all of us immensely and definitely have made us realize how important human interaction is. Being an international student, I know to settle in a new place/new culture the feeling of home is very important- that’s my goal, to make sure we make up for the lost one year – organize hikes, skiing events(in collaboration UBC Varsity Outdoor Club), Halloween-Thanksgiving Dinner-Diwali meet ups. I understand how overwhelming research and academics can get sometimes and from personal experience the best way to deal with it is talking to peers. I plan to organize Alumni talks, Networking events, peer to peer talk wherein people from similar background can help each other to solve problems statements, or even a hack-a-thon with the department. Workshops on How to build your resume, Improving LinkedIn, Tips on writing thesis, Job hunting hacks- these though are mainstream but definitely very useful.





Kithmin Wickremasinghe (MASc) – VP Social External Candidate 

Hey!! I am a first year MASc student at ECE. Having been here at UBC for only a month, I am delighted to have met many interesting individuals and kind and humble personalities. I was very happy to find such people in the ECEGSA as well. About myself, I am very passionate about volunteering and helping others, and have done a lot of educational sustainability development programs during my undergrad. I simply enjoy and love seeing others fulfill their dreams and achieve and have fun doing it. I have enjoyed organizing events since my school days, and I want to bring my experience and skills to put together exciting programs, and coordinate with many other interesting people from different backgrounds to bring together a pleasant and enjoyable outcome. I am a great team player who always is looking to learn from others, and like to plan ahead; which I guess are some of my strengths. Feel free to check me up on LinkedIn to see what I have been up to during these past years. Whether it is organizing Hikes, BBQ picnics, Trivia/Music/Movie Nights, Workshops or anything, I am always excited about planning an event, bringing everyone together and getting to work with a team. It’s something I have been fond of since my schooling days, and I hope to keep doing it with the ECEGSA and its amazing team. Thank you for considering me! Stay safe everyone!

Md Nazmul Hasan (PhD) – Secretary Candidate

As an international community, I would love to know and meet my colleagues in the department, contribute positively in the team, and would be committed towards the assigned responsibilities as the secretary during my tenure. I hope this exposure would be mutually beneficial for both myself and the ECEGSA.