Current Executives 2022-2023

Hooman Vaseli – President

I’m a third year PhD student, in Robotics and Control Lab (RCL), researching and applying deep learning on medical imaging data, specifically the heart ultrasound images (echocardiography). As the president and in collaboration with my ECEGSA 2022-23 team, my target is to promote awesome opportunities that are balanced both in social, academic, and professional aspects of our fellow ECE students’ life. I am also eagerly looking for fruitful collaboration with other student bodies (at UBC and beyond) as well as industry professionals. So, let’s chat over zoom or some coffee and talk about our vision!









Kithmin Wickremasinghe – Secretary

I’m a first-year MASc Student in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at University of British Columbia and a Graduate Research Assistant in the System-on-a-chip (SoC) Group. I am working in the areas of Silicon Photonic Biosensors, CMOS IC Design and Point-of-Care Diagnostics. Outside my studies, I am really into hiking, sketching, travelling and playing Basketball. I’m loving my experience here at ECE UBC and I want to help make this graduate experience better for others through the ECEGSA, where I am serving as the Secretary for 2022/23. I love working with people and making new friends, so please feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn or other. Cheers!





Farhad Abbasi – Treasurer

I am a second year PhD student at ECE department working on improving the modulation techniques for battery chargers. My responsibility as Treasurer is to oversee the financial requirements of events. Thus, the ECE family can enjoy various social and academic events. On weekends, you can find me taking a walk on campus, hiking, watching movies, and reading poems.










Shaurya Patel – VP Social External

I’m a first-year Ph.D. student working on Operating systems. My research focuses on improving existing Operating systems abstractions and algorithms for new hardware. I am learning Hindustani classical music and in general very interested in music, films, and books. I am always up for a walk or coffee feel free to reach out to talk!





Jennie Chen – VP Social Internal

Hello hello! I’m a first (second?) year MASc student at the Human Communication Technologies lab working on the Brain2Speech project. Outside of research, I love creating music, art, useless robots, and all sorts of random projects. My goal as VP Social Internal is to establish a sense of rapport within the ECE graduate student body and to help foster a community with genuine connections and bonds formed outside of the workplace. Let’s have fun this year!







Masoud Mokhtari – VP Academic

Hi, I’m an MASc student at the Robotics and Control Lab (RCL) focused on deep learning and its applications in the medical field. I’m usually busy studying or working on my projects, and to keep sane, I go on long bike rides. I hate Star Wars cause I haven’t watched it. With that off my chest, my goal as the VP academic is to organize events that genuinely provide you with growth opportunities. I hate Star Trek too cause I haven’t watched that either. 










Sana Ayromlou – VP Spirit

Knock, knock… I’m a second-year MASc student in Robotics and Control Lab (RCL), focusing on applying machine learning and designing lifelong learnable machines in the medical field. Mates say I don’t have a taste in having fun because I would enjoy any social activities and get a thrill out of everything. As VP spirit, I intend to arrange grouping ups to participate in social, sportive, and academic activities on our beautiful campus. So as ECE fellows, let’s jam together and make our graduate life more enjoyable by showing UBC ECE’s spirit to others and learning together 🙂