Current Executives 2023-2024

Jonathan Lew – President

I’m a third year PhD student, in Prof. Tor Aamodt’s lab, researching high performance and energy efficient deep learning algorithms and computer architectures for processing video. As president, I have the pleasure and honour of leading an enthusiastic ECEGSA team to deliver a year full of activities. My goal is to provide opportunities for students to build connections with each other and with the broader community. Feel free to reach out to me to chat!






Arshia Moghimi – Secretary

I’m a first (second?) year MASc student working in the CIRRUS Lab. My research focus is on cloud and serverless computing. Outside of my studies, I love hiking, biking, and anime. I enjoyed the ECEGSA events last year and I hope in my role as the secretary I can help in organizing events that we can all enjoy.







Andrew Gunter – Treasurer

I’m a PhD student in ECE’s System-on-a-Chip lab researching Machine Learning for FPGA CAD. Outside of academia, I am a part-time researcher at Singulos Research investigating Computer Vision for Augmented Reality on mobile devices. As ECEGSA Treasurer my job is to ensure we don’t prematurely declare bankruptcy. My spare time is usually spent rock climbing, playing soccer, competing in the occasional video game tournament, and rehabilitating my aging body from sports injuries.







Wanwen Chen – VP Academic

Hello! I am Wanwen, a second-year PhD student. I am affiliated with Robotics and Control Lab and my research is about surgical robots and medical imaging. As your VP Academic, my goal is to help graduate students navigate their careers or research, and I plan to organize workshops and networking events in this upcoming academic year. Hope that we will all have a fulfilling year!







Malinda Gunathilaka – VP Communications

Hi! I am a second year MASc Student and a Graduate Research Assistant in the Power Lab. Currently, my research is in the fields of Power Electronics in EV charging and Solar Photovoltaics. As hobbies I like to watch movies and tv shows, and I am fan of Formula 1 racing. My goals as VP Communications is to establish an effective channel to ensure communications with in the ECE graduate student body. I will also design and develop any marketing material to engage and inform ECE graduate students of the events that will be organized by the team.







Navid Zare Kashani – VP Sport

Hello! I am a second year PhD student and my major focus is on power electronics and in particular, EV battery chargers. As VP Sport, I am responsible for overseeing all of the sporting events and activities organized by our society. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or someone looking to try something new, I am committed to providing a platform for everyone to get involved and have fun. 








Olasunade Ladenegan – VP Spirit

I’m a second year M.Eng student. In my leisure time, I enjoy casual reading, taking long walks and spending time with friends. My duties as the VP Spirit include taking care of the lounge, fostering a community vibe and improving social engagement within the department. I’m excited to serve in this role and I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas and feedback on making the lounge better and feeling more included in the department. Please feel free to reach out!