Current Executives 2018-19

Mehdi Karimi – President

A warm welcome to our graduate students on behalf of the ECE Graduate Student Association (ECEGSA). I am the elected president of season 2018-2019. I am a third year PhD candidate working on the security of software systems. I have been at UBC since 2004. I have done my undergrad and graduate studies at EECE department and have a breadth experience of working with different teams and groups in our department. As far as it goes with the student association,  I and my team will do every effort to influence your social experience mindfully here at the ECE department. UBC is known for its excellence in research and unparalleled campus beauty. As one of the top 50 schools worldwide, we make sure keep the standards of social living high and do every single step needed to bring the synergy to our graduate students. If you have any particular comments that want to bring to my personal attention please do not hesitate to contact me at mkarimib at ece dot ubc dot ca, or contact any of our associates below. They are keen to help you out with your questions. Thank you very much and we hope to see you at our social events.

Razi Bayati – Secretary

I’m a graduate student in the ECE department and work in the wireless communications lab. Currently, I’m working on the next generation of mobile network, 5G. Before starting my masters’ here at UBC, I worked in the telecom industry for 3 years and gained lots of management and coordination skills alongside technical experiences. My working experience taught me to fully appreciate my learning opportunities as there is not as much to learn after graduation. I comprehend the value of the academic community and I’ve come back to school to seize the moment and gain more. Other areas that I’m enthusiastic about are outdoor activities, volunteer responsibilities, making friends and attaining as much as I can from cultural diversity around me.


Pramit Saha – Treasurer

Hi all, I am Pramit, pursuing MASc in the ECE Dept. and making a contribution to ECEGSA in the role of Treasurer. I am particularly motivated as it gives me a wonderful opportunity to utilize my skill and time in order to work for you all. I have previous experience of managing finances of a non-profit organization and working in the Executive & Audit Committee of my Undergraduate Institution. I really look forward to working together to make this a great year.


Casimir Kuzyk – VP Social Internal

My name is Casimir Kuzyk, but you can call me Cas. I am the one who brings you the fun. During my short time here, I have helped organize two successful ping pong tournaments – and it’s encouraged me to do more. Ping pong, foosball, chess, you name it! Literally – this is a democracy and I want your opinions! If the thought of more high-quality social events with your fellow graduate students isn’t enough to entice you, maybe the thought of free food at these events will (approval pending). I wish to be a highly successful VP Social Internal, and I measure success by your smiles and laughter.

JORGE LOZANO – VP Social External 

 I am Jorge Lozano an international MASc student coming from México City. I am finishing my first year as a master’s student in UBC and working as a research assistant in Boris Stoeber’s Lab. My academic interests include the application of Biomaterials and Microfabrication technologies in the Biomedical field. My personal Interests include spending time outdoors, traveling around BC, playing the bass guitar, and learning new languages. I want to be an active member of the UBC community and with the ECE students help the ECEGSA with events and activities that enhance the experience of the ECE students during the completion of their program.

Shahed Mohammed – VP Academic

Hello! I am Shahed Khan Mohammed, a second-year Ph.D. student in Robotics and Control Lab. I am from Bangladesh. I am running for the VP for student service ECEGSA. My vision is to build more effective communication between the student body and administration. I have experience in organizing academic and cultural events like international conference ICDRET-2014 and folk-fest Saskatoon 2016. I also mentored undergraduate students and guided their academic and research progress as a lecturer in Bangladesh. Therefore, I am confident to make a positive impact as a part of ECEGSA body.  I will actively work for the academic and professional development of graduate students by arranging workshops, tech talks, and academic seminars. Also, I will serve as a source for information about funding, volunteer and internship opportunities.