Minutes 2011 03 22

Snowshoeing follow-ups:

  • We should keep the waiver for future events.
  • MEC gets 50% off rentals for non-profit organizations; to use that offer, they need a letter with UBC header.

Apathon follow-ups:

  • Most groups were not ECE graduate, so it does not fall in our duty and it is not recommended to be involved next year.

Games night:

  • 35 people showed up which is too little for that room. It makes more sense to use that facility for events like Persian new year.
  • They only serve one type of beer. They should have more. (we can ask them when booking the room)

Persian New Year:

  • Expected expenses:
    • Cookies: 205$
    • Nuts: 100$
    • Cups: 10$
    • Tea: 10$
    • Sugar: 10$
    • Gift for singer: around 50$
    • Gift for Sabzeh competition: 10$
  • Total preapproval: $395

Election schedule:

  • Nomination will be open by March 28.
  • We should ask Darla to send out the email about the election.
  • Nomination will be close by April 11.
  • Elections will be on April 25 and April 26.
  • Dana and Mohammad can count the votes since they won`t be candidates for next year.