2018/02/10 Meeting – 1 PM – 2 PM , MCLD 211

Place: MCLD 211, UBC

Time: Tuesday, 01:00 – 02:00 PM, October 2 , 2018


  1. Mehdi Karimi (President)
  2. Razi Bayati(Secretary)
  3. Pramit Saha (Treasurer)
  4. Casimir Kuzyk (VP Social Internal)
  5. Jorge Lozano (VP Social External)
  6. Shahed Mohammad (VP Academic)

Discussed Points/Decision made:

  1. Planning mentorship orientation event
  2. Introducing the new secretary
  3. Adding an icebreaking game and surprise gifts to the orientation
  4. Deciding about food and table order

Action Items:

  1. [For Shahed] Open a Google poll to gather M&M game questions ( 6 different type of questions)
  2. [For Razi] Buy needed materials for the icebreaking game
  3. [For Cas and Jorge] Ask and get for ECE mug and T-shirt from Ross
  4. [For Shahed] Order food and postpone delivery till 5 PM
  5. [For Pramit] Arrange to add secretary name to the bank account (send an email to BMO and book an appointment)
  6. [For Shahed] Change table order based on specialty