ECEGSA Election April 13, 2018
Entrepreneurship Info Session, Feb 2018
Mentorship Dinner Event, September 2017
Foosball Tournament Winners – July 7, 2017
Socializing at Gallery 2.0, Nest, UBC – 2/June/2017
Hiking event, the Chief, Squamish, BC, Canada- 28/May/2017

2017/07/06 Meeting – MCLD Lounge

Decisions and actions made: – Email Eventyab co. the tentative dates available for the presentation (Mehdi) – Budget 100$ CAD for the foosball tournament – Processed a reimbursement to Mehdi (Reef, Mehdi) – Ask Max and Dave to submit their expense claim forms (Max) – Plan for a social event at Gallery 2.0 on 21st July […]