Poster Session

Time: 10:00 pm – 12:00 pm
Location: Kaiser 2020/2030


 Poster#   Presenter  Presentation Title 
   P1  Hooman Vaseli  ProtoASNet: Dynamic Prototypes for Inherently Interpretable and Uncertainty-Aware Aortic   Stenosis Classification in Echocardiography
   P2  Andrew Gunter  Reformulating FPGA Routability Prediction with Machine Learning
   P3  Andrew Musgrave  Load Coincidence Factors for Robust Optimization of Distributed Energy Resources
   P4  Kithmin Wickremasinghe  A New On-Chip Silicon Photonic Microfluidic Thermal Flow-rate Sensors (MTFS) and a Compact   Automated Microfluidic Control Systems
   P5  Md Nazmul Hasan  Antennas and Smart Surfaces for Next Generation Wireless Communication
   P6  Sean Lam  Dynamic Electro-Optic Analog Memory for Neuromorphic Photonic Computing
   P7  Zahra Jamalouei  Integrated frequency swept lasers (FSLs)
   P8  Joel Nider  Offloading the file system from the CPU
   P9  Mateo Rendon  Design of aging and wear-out sensors on a novel 12nm FinFET technology
   P10  Pegah Tekieh  Exploring the Attributes of Parametric Circuits
   P11  Mohammad Hossein     Olyaiy  Shaheen: Combining Homomorphic Encryption with Network Sparsity for Efficient Private   Inference
   P12  Nima Nasiri  FeMux: A Flexible Serverless Lifetime Management Framework
   P13  Nikhil Pratap Ghanathe  T-RECX: Tiny-Resource Efficient Convolutional neural networks with early-eXit
   P14  Arshia Moghimi,
Praveen Gupta
 Serverless need not be Security-less
   P15  Victoria Wu  A Transformer-based Approach to Pretraining and Representation Learning of Echocardiography   Reports
   P16 Bo Chen Frequency Dynamics-aware Real-time Marginal Pricing of Electricity Under Uncertainty
   P17 Farhad Abbasi Interleaved CLLC Converters with Dual Phase-Shift Modulation