Meeting 14 Jun 2012

What: Meeting 14 Jun 2012,
Where: The Lounge
When: 5:00-5:35pm
Who: Sabrina, Ali, Ghasem
1. Hiking trip venue
2. AGM 2012 email draft
3. Items for purchase
4. GSS Funding Application for the networking night requirements
5. Financial planning and insurance seminar
1. Hiking trip:
• Ali is unavailable for the hiking trip to Baden powell (deep cove) on 23rd or 24th Jun. Sabrian is
unavailble for 23rd . Ali to email Cara and based on her availability, the event will be scheduled
for the 23rd (preferred) or 24th and she and Ghasem (and maybe Sabrina) will be present.
• Bars / snacks to be provided for the trip.
• Where can we get waiver forms? (Ali to ask Adam)
• Email Grads and ask for RSVP on a googledoc signup sheet.
• Put in the website as soon as the email is disseminated.
• Weather forecast shows cloudy but unreliable at this point.
2. AGM email draft:
• Ghasem to provide initial draft containing the following:
◦ A short intro. about ECEGSA increasing activities
◦ Summary of last year’s financial report [This year’s cheque has been deposited.]
◦ Proposed constitution change (dissolving VP Social into VP Social Internal and External)
◦ Survey results
◦ Discussion with students for their feedback
◦ Lunch will be provided.
• Email to be sent asap (by tomorrow)
• Detailed agenda to be added later
3. Sabrina agreed with Ali that we need to buy the following items:
• Table spray
• Coffee mate
• Green Tea
• Coffee stirrer
• Lemonade powder
• A new and bigger (preferrably glass) jug for the lemonade
• Backup cookies
4. GSS funding application for the networking night requirements
• We apply for the total 5K$ allowed, because of the increased interest, number of Grads and
(hopefully) companies attending. The rest of budget is to be provided from other sponsors
(Depts and participating companies).
• MEGA agreed to participate, ICICS is to decide (they are saying there was not enough CS-based companies last year)
• Sabrina and Ghasem to provide feedback to Ali about the application (available in dropbox)
• We need to start contacting companies and venue booking pretty much soon. The networking
night will be held on Nov.
5. Financial planning and insurance seminar
• Ghasem to book a room for Tue. 3rd Jul. and let Fahama from Sunlife know the details.
• We probably do an RSVP for an estimate on the number of attending Grads. (for decinding
presentation room’s capacity and amount of refreshments needed for the event.)