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Minutes 2011 04 29

Participants: Old and new execs except Sima and Parisa. At the beginning, everybody introduces himself/herself. Dana told that 1035.69$ is in the bank account. Dana talked briefly about last year’s money flows. New execs should get access to the ECE-GSA website: We need to ask help about it. A meeting should be set with Luca […]

Minutes 2011 05 06

Participants: Adam, Rubaiya, John, Amy, Sima. Mrigank Sharma, ECE departmental representative to GSS, attended this meeting for first 15 minutes. Since he will be away for next 4 months, he proposed to the executive committee that any of us (or any ECE grad student) can proxy his position as a councillor at GSS. He also […]

Minutes 2011 05 11

Participants: Dr. Andre Ivanov, Darla La Pierre, Adam, Rubaiya, John, Amy, Sima. Agenda: Introduction of the new execs to the Head, and Sign the financial policy acknowledgment All new executives were introduced to Dr. Andre and Darla. The execs discussed with Andre and Darla about the student survey and their expectation for the upcoming year’s […]

Minutes 2011 05 16

Participants: All execs. Meeting agenda: Planning for budget for the upcoming year, annual general meeting, networking night, and Survey of faculty member. A survey will be done among the faculty members and staffs of ECE to know about their interest for getting involved at the ECEGSA events and. Adam said he will send survey form […]

Minutes 2011 06 02

Participants: Matthew Pan, secretary, MEGA Graeham Douglas, president, BMEGA James Boak, industry, BMEGA Mark Spear, president, CSGSA All execs of ECEGSA We discussed about the venue of Networking Night event. Adam said that, last year Marriott hotel was used for this purpose, which seemed to be small for the number of people present. Adam informed […]

Minutes 2011 06 07

Participants: Adam, Rubaiya, Amy, Sima. We changed our plan about first hike. We agreed to do it on July. For June we proposed and discussed several possible events. We discussed about BBQ, movie night and bowling as the next probable event. We asked Adam about the arrangement procedure for these events. For BBQ, Adam said, […]

Minutes 2011 07 06

Participants: All execs. Adam updated us about the furniture for the lounge. He told us about some tables at Costco at reasonable price. About the cabinet key, Adam said he will remind Darla again. Adam suggested keeping the website updated with the event details. Sima and Rubaiya agreed to include the July hike and June […]

Minutes 2011 07 19

Participants: Adam, Amy, Sima, Rubaiya. Agenda: Salsa party planning Adam informed us that Umesh holds the serving it right certificate and he agreed to attend the upcoming Salsa party. Adam and Sima will be attending the next House of Finance meeting and Adam already provided all the necessary documents to the VP finance, GSS. Sima […]

Minutes 2011 08 18

Participants: All execs. Agenda: Discussing the current asset we have Discussing the last Salsa party and BBQ event Planning the orientation events. Adam said that John and he have talked to Darla. She suggested keeping all the stuffs purchased in an inventory. Sima described about the Salsa party held on July 29. She said 25 […]

Minutes 2011 09 26

Participants: All execs. Agenda: – Financial overview – Orientation de-brief – Poster board maintenance role – Special afternoon social next week – Longboat event – Music night – Networking night – Christmas party – Chinese New Year John provided a summary of the current financial state to others. He said we already spent around $1900 […]