Minutes 2012 07 11

Participants: Dr. Ivanov, Darla La Pierre, Ali, Sabrina, Cara, Ghasem


– To present a brief overview of events happened so far

– To convey the concerns of the students to the department

– To present the result of the student survey


  • Ali gave a summary of the previous ECEGSA events of this year to Dr. Ivanov.
  • In reply to one of the concerns of students about closer ties with faculty members, Dr. Ivanov and Darla proposed to have a Quarter nary meeting with students and all the exec welcomed the idea.
  • The committee decided to start brainstorming about the agenda of the Quarter nary meeting with the department.
  • About another main concern from students about TA assignments, Darla mentioned that the TA assignment is managed under the CUPE agreement and the department has very little to do with this issue.
  • The committee proposed to invite faculty members to the weekly coffee socials by ECEGSA
  • Darla made a suggestion that ECEGSA could promote 3MT competition and the committee gladly accepted that suggestion