Minutes July 04, 2013

  • AGM
  • Bike co-op
  • Hiking
  • Bowling
  • BBQ Report
  • Beach Day
  • Sports
Meeting called to order at 11:18AM
  • Nandinee is going to prepare budget slides for the AGM. Yifei is going to crate survey slides. We need everything done by next Tuesday. AGM will be on July 11 in the afternoon. Nishant is going to meet with Nandinee and Yifei and finalize the presentation slides.
  • Saquib is going to prepare a Bike co-op poster and also write up a waiver
  • Nishant  is going to organize a hike on July 28 to Mount Gardner. ECEGSA is going to subsidize $6/person towards the ferry ticket.
  • Nandinee is going to look into other bowling groupons
  • BBQ was a sucess. Notes for next time: Less veggie patties, more chicken patties, more beef patties, more soda, and better event organization.
  • Beach day is tomorrow from 4pm-6pm. Julie and Saquib are leaving early to set up at spanish banks. Nishant and Nandinee are going to arrive with the group of students. Group will catch the 4:02 bus from the bus loop.
  • Amin and Julie are going to meet to discuss sports events.
Meeting adjourned at 12:00PM