Minutes May 06, 2014

Participants: Ali, Sabrina,Ghasem, Maryam, Cara, Nandinee, Nishant, Yifei, Amin, Julie


– Informing the new execs about the summary of the tasks in the last year


– Ali and Ghasem introduced the editing details of the ECEGSA website.

– Ali familiarized the new execs with the useful departmental contacts, that are helpful in event organizing.

– Ali and Sabrina discussed the policy of making amendments to the ECEGSA constitution.

– Ali reminded the new execs that it needs 2 out of 3 approval from secretary/tresurer/president for sanctioning fund for any event.

– Ali discussed the workshops, social events, BBQ, orientation,new year event, sports events that held last year. Important tips were setting up a doodle to get an estimate of the number of attendees. BBQ food can be ordered from AMS. For the ticket selling parties, best thing would be to do balance the quality of food and reimbursement per person in each of the case.

– Ghasem and Ali mentioned that a reminder email has to be sent to the person bringing the treat the day before the social and also reminder email to the students for the social on an hour before the social.

– Ali briefed about the networking night event that happened in November, and also mentioned the different contact offices like alumni office, UILO, IEEE, career services, Ap. Sc, office etc. Ali tipped to contact the NSERC office well ahead of time around in June to get started on the money sanction.

– All the discussed matters were put to a powerpoint slide prepared by ALi and will be made available to the new execs.