Minutes 2010 04 30

Primary task of the meeting: To go over the budget.

Dana had prepared a draft for events with some detail about each event.

We went over it one by one and discussed it.

This is Dana’s list:

  • Events
    • BBQ
    • Weekly coffee/tea
    • Orientation
    • Group hike (transportation)
    • Potluck
    • Games / Movies night
    • New year parties
    • Career night
  • General operations
  • Lounge renovation:
    • Couches
    • What else
  • Practically free, unless we want to throw in pizza/coffee:
    • Technical seminars
    • Workshops
    • Annual General Meeting,
    • Mentoring program
    • Tri-mentoring

  • Weekly Coffee Gathering:
    There was a lot of discussion about this:
    • Are we planning to prepare cookies or not? Not now.
    • It’s better to have good quality tea and coffee than providing cookies.
    • We should buy some mugs if someone forget to bring his/her mug.
  • Orientation:
    After a lot of talking, we all agree to have the following for the orientation:
    1. Welcome session.
    2. Meal: Something like cold sandwiches.
    3. Field trip type activity so that people get to know each other.
    • It should be different compared to GSS orientation.
    • Someone should check with “Calhoun’s” to check the price of the sandwich dishes.
    • Finally, we did not ended up with a good estimate.
  • Groups Hike:
    Mohammad suggested using volunteers’ car and paying them the gas money. If we are planning to go somewhere in North Shore, the gas money per car would be less than 5$.
  • Potluck:
    We just need to provide disposable dishes, glasses and also napkins.
  • Games/Movie Night
    How many people will show up: Most probably from 20 to 50.
  • New Year Parties:
    1. Persian New Year: Includes:
      • Decoration
      • Cookies
      • We can have volunteers to play live music.
    2. Chinese New Year:
      Ahmad said the Chinese foods are normally cheap.
    3. Xmass Party:
      • One of the main events, because faculties and staffs will also come.
      • Keg of beer: Cost 200$ and if we charge 2$ at the door, it will cover its cost. Mohammad suggested not to charge people and give everyone one free drink.
      • 20$ for the little event drinking license.
      • We already have the tree.
      • Decoration
      • Candy
      • Pizza
  • Career Night:
    • For the price nobody has an estimate.
    • We better talk to Zahra Ahmadian to get a better idea.
    • The cheapest venue is GSS.
    • This one needs more research.
    • When: We all agree on November.
  • Operational Costs:
    • Lounge Furniture:
      • couches.
      • Think about the price of tables and chairs.
      • We are not sure about buying new Microwaves or not.
      • We agree that Microwaves should be cleaned regularly.
  • Lounge Cleaning:
    1. Ask Luca about “one day” cleaning.
    2. Ask Luca about cleaning the lounge by janitors.
  • Things to check:
    1. Cost of pizza per person. We need the price with different qualities: Dominos, Pizza Hut and …
    2. Cost of coffee: Like this Starbucks boxes.
    3. The price of printing for advertisements for the events.
    4. Someone should check with “Calhoun’s” to check the price of the sandwich dishes.