Minutes 2010 07 05

  • Lounge furniture update:
    • Furniture is on the way.
    • They will be delivered to the lounge.
    • Action item:
      Buy mats for ping pong.
  • Career fair:
    • What should the career fair look like:
      • Companies have their own booth.
      • No booth and people just mingle.
      • Have both.
    • Person in charge: Ahmad
  • Orientation:
    • What department wants the orientation look like:
      • Multiple sessions for two reasons:
        1. The number of students will be smaller.
        2. If someone can not attend one session, he/she could attend another session.
      • Luka, Schober, Ivanov and Darla want to be in the sessions.
      • Sessions would be as follows:
        1. Welcome section.
        2. Information section.
        3. Q&A
      • It should be 3 days orientations.
      • We need to find mentors.
      • Person in charge: Adam
  • Summer activities:
    • Parisa suggested to book a bus which will cost around 8$ per person.
    • Time: Late July or early August.
    • Destination: Squamish Chief.
    • Duration: 5 hour in Squamish.
    • Charge students for 10$.
    • There was also talk about free or semi-free destinations like Lyn Valley or Capilano Dam.
  • Seminars:
    • There were some talks about starting having some industry seminars.
    • We can all go ahead and invite people from industry.