Minutes 2010 07 26

  • Suggestion for the next hike:
    Ask the participants sign a waiver.
  • Dana wants to buy 20$ stationary and everybody agree on that.
  • Parisa will be away for 2 weeks:
    • Adam will take care of the coffee break.
    • We pre-approve 50$ for coffee break.
  • August event:
    • We should use the GSS money (DOF).
    • Aug 20 and 27 are available dates.
    • Aug 27 is preferable.
    • To serve alcohol, it need quite bit of work so we won’t probably do it.
    • It will be a game night.
    • We can invite new-comers. For that, we should ask Anne or Darla.
    • Estimate the budget:
      Meeting would be on Thursday to present the budget.
    • We will tell them that we will have 80 ece grad and 20 non ece grad.
    • Estimated cost:
      • 80$ for room (for cleaning).
      • 200$ for games.
      • 550$ for food which includes:
        2 slice of pizza per person.
        Chips and cheese puffs.
      • 100$ for drink.
    • People can volunteer to play music.
    • Ahmad would be Adam’s backup for the meeting.
  • Seminar for learning week:
    • Learning week would be last week of October.
    • Detail of the learning week will be available by September.
    • We should find some speaker by September.
  • Career night:
    • Adam, Ahmad and Dana had a meeting with Zahra last week.
    • By end of next week, we should decide on date, time and location.
    • Ideally, we should have 100 students and 50 people from companies.
    • Downtown location is preferable than UBC:
      • It’s of course more expensive.
      • But it’s better for companies.
    • Some prices:
      • Vancouver convention center costs 900$.
      • Vancouver public library costs 495$.
    • We will have different sponsorships:
      1. Title sponsor.
      2. Platinum sponsor.
      3. Gold sponsor.
      4. Silver sponsor.
      5. Bronze sponsor.
    • The goal is to get 4000$ from sponsors.
    • The tickets will be 10$ (early price) and 15$ (late price) for students.
    • Parisa will talk to Dave Michelson about career night.