Minutes 2010 07 22

Zahra helped in planning the 2008 networking night.

Company Sponsorship

  • First year they started with coop office for contact list. Not that great of a resource as companies are seeking work term students
  • Do lots of online searching, yellow pages, use IEEE Think Engineering list, etc.
  • Personal contact is important
  • Companies who sponsored could provide small items to be included in welcome kits.
  • Have early sponsorship deadline with cheques to ECEGSA (make that really clear, they had cheques go to the department before)
  • Need invoices for companies that request them
  • Ask companies to bring at minimum 1 HR person and 1 technical person
  • Zahra can contact companies personally once we have invites ready
  • Send them thank-yous
  • Allow donations of door prizes
  • Mailmerge/publisher is a good tool for sending personalized emails to large numbers of people
  • Include parking maps if necessary


  • offer cheaper tickets to early buyers

At Event

  • Make sure company names are really easy to see
  • Have an opening speech
  • Provide everyone with one drink
  • If we need to get our own bartender, find own that can provide their own alcohol


  • You can survey attendees