Minutes 2010 11 08

Roee’s suggestion:

  • Undergrads being supervised by grads.
  • For this, a proposal should be written.
  • Joseph (undergrad program advisor) is already being contacted.

Pub social this week:

  • Wednesday or Thursday night.
  • Wednesday is preferable.
  • Meet at 6pm.

Christmas party:

  • It can be on Friday or Saturday.
  • We are not sure yet whether or not people have to pay.
  • Date: Dec. 10, 6pm to 8pm.
  • Location: KAISER 2020/2030
  • Food: pizza
  • Talk to Darla (or someone else from the department) to hear their idea and concerns.

Networking night:

  • 4 tickets left.
  • Mohammad’s car is needed for the event.