Minutes 2010 12 03

Networking night wrap up:

  • Preapproval of 20$ for parking.

Christmas party:

  • We have liquor license.
  • Danna believes cans of beer can not be served in public parties. Adam told that he has not seen any restriction regarding that.
  • Costs: pizza, liquor license, alcohol, Christmas candies and Christmas decorations.
  • Staff party is happening before us, we can ask them to leave their decorations for us.
  • We expect 100 people:
    • 600$ for pizza and samosa
    • 25$ liquor licence
    • 100$ for candies
    • 100$ for non-alcoholic drinks, cokes and waters
    • We already have enough napkins and cups
  • As suggested by Parisa, we better ask Domino not to bring napkins.
  • Total cost is 1175$. Total price minus the price of alcohol is 855$.
  • Mohammad will be in charge of buying drinks from Nofrills.
  • Adam will download Christmas music.
  • Ahmad will order pizza and samosa.
  • Danna and Mohammad will buy alcohol.

Other topics:

  • Parisa suggested having another orientation for students starting on January.
  • Our next big thing is probably Chinese New Year. We need some Chinese students to be involved for that.
  • Other preapprovals:
    • 60$ for big coffee maker.
    • 5$ for coffee break.
    • 5$ for the tape to fix one the coaches.