Minutes 2011 01 12

Christmas Party follow ups:

  • About 150 people showed up.
  • Regular cokes were the first thing that finished and then other sorts of soft drinks.
  • Dana’s suggestion:
    • Find someone to go and get the license and we use his/her license for all our events.
    • That person need to pass a test which costs 35$ (Which will be reimbursed.).
    • We first need to go over our volunteer pool.

Networking Night follow ups:

  • Adam sent the required documents to NSERC by mail.
  • Adam and Dana are going to set up a PayPal account. It has some legal issues, and they are working on it.
  • We have our volunteer appreciation dinner next week.
  • Money left from networking night is about 1100$.
  • Preapproval of 16*30$=480$ for the dinner.

Chinese New Year Party:

  • We had 300$ budget.
  • We need to find volunteers for the party.

Ping Pong Tournament:

  • Mahdi Karimi is interested to organize it.
  • ECEGSA will probably give them some money.

Coffee Break:

  • We need new coffee within 3 weeks.
  • Preapproval of 30$ for coffee, coffee mate and tea.

Games Night:

  • 23 people showed up the last games night.
  • It will be in February.
  • Plan for 60 people which means we need 2 bartenders.

Sun Run 2011:

  • Adam wants to organize it.


  • Parisa suggested to plan a snowshoe trip in Mt Cypress or Mt Sey