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Minutes 2011 01 12

Christmas Party follow ups: About 150 people showed up. Regular cokes were the first thing that finished and then other sorts of soft drinks. Dana’s suggestion: Find someone to go and get the license and we use his/her license for all our events. That person need to pass a test which costs 35$ (Which will […]

Minutes 2011 02 22

Kitchen FOB: It has been installed, but we need to ask Luca to activate it. Parisa brought up to important issues: If someone has concerns about office staffs, what should he/she do? The answer is to let us know and we will take care of that. How to deal with emergency situations during TAs? The […]

Minutes 2011 02 25

Piano will be tuned soon. We decide on piano usage hours but we are open to suggestions from students: Every day before 11am as long as 4108 is not being used. Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5pm to 6pm. Parisa suggested to buy a kettle and we all agree. We close the following pre-approvals: 37, 40, […]

Minutes 2011 03 22

Snowshoeing follow-ups: We should keep the waiver for future events. MEC gets 50% off rentals for non-profit organizations; to use that offer, they need a letter with UBC header. Apathon follow-ups: Most groups were not ECE graduate, so it does not fall in our duty and it is not recommended to be involved next year. […]