Minutes May 02, 2014

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – May 2, 2014

Location: Kaiser 4037

Time: 3:00pm – 3:45pm


Attendance: Ahmed, Tanzil, Michelle, Humayun

Regrets: Naveen


Afternoon Socials:

May 8 – Setup by Humayun, Clean-up by Naveen

May 15 – Setup by Michelle, Clean-up by Tanzil

May 22 – Setup by Ahmen

– Ahmed will put these 5 schedule assignments of the online schedule for now

– Michelle to send out email reminders for the next 3 weeks at least

– Buying things: Tanzil will look into how we do this



Humayun – Sport coordination

Michelle – Hiking and winter outdoor events (snowshoeing, tubing, toboganning?)

– at least one summer and one winter event

– consider trying to do one in September to include new students

Naveen – BBQs

– at least one in the summer and one in September

– other events we will discuss later


Future Meetings:

– Bi-weekly for now

– dates to be determined as we go

– next meeting May 22 at 2:30 pm



– start with online and go to hard copy if we get a bad turnout

– each person can look over and bring suggestions for changes to the questions

– online copy for now, hard copy after next meeting


VP External:

– Call for nominations ASAP – Ahmed will send deadline in about 2 weeks

then about 2 week campaign period voting at an afternoon social


Next meeting

– survey results

– VP External nominees


Networking event

– consider getting a committee of volunteers

– start around September, plan for the event to be around March


Volleyball net

– We will look into getting a new one

Sign on GL door

– Michelle will make a new one


Treats for social

– May 15 provided by ECEGSA

– Michelle will look into this