Budget Meeting Minutes May 22, 2014

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – May 22 Budget Meeting

Location: Kaiser 3065

Time: 2:00pm-2:30pm

Attendence: Ahmed, Michelle, Tanzil

Regrets: None

– We had approximately $1040 in the account at the end of the previous year. We now have about $900, after buying pizza for the talk, some things for the afternoon socials, etc.

– Operations and supplies budget will be set to $500 for things including repairing the ping-pong table, buying a new volleyball net, tickets, printing, etc.

– We will plan for 2 BBQs with a cost of $600 each, assuming a revenue of $300 altogether (75 people at each BBQ at $2/person).

– For sports we will assume a cost of $250 per team and a revenue of $200.

– For workshops we will have 4 academic talks (1 in summer, 2 in W1 Semester, 1 in W2 Semester). The other workshops will be left as-is (from previous years).

– Chinese New Year we will assume $2 ticket sales (as before).

– Persian New Year we will increase the price to $8 per ticket and assume $2500 in revenue.

– Eid Party we will add to budget. It will likely be in October, around 100 people, about $2 per person.