Minutes June 3, 2014

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – June 3, 2014

Location: Kaiser 4037

Time: 5:00pm-6:30pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Michelle, Humayun, Naveen

Regrets: Tanzil

Agenda: Approved

Meeting Minutes from last week: Approved


Sun Run reimbursements:

– all grad students have been reimbursed, only undergrads still need to be reimbursed

– Naveen has contacted all those that still need to collect. He will keep the reimbursement money but won’t try to contact anyone anymore. People collecting money will have to contact Naveen or the ECEGSA to get their money.
Survey Results:

– 26 responses so far

– keep survey open for now, won’t make hard copies, remind people when they are voting on Thursday

– Events: consider doing a World Cup event (Humayun will look into this and plan to announce about it at the social on Thursday)

– visibility: try to come to socials to talk to people

– consider making announcements for upcoming events at socials

– food: we will look into what deals and other food options than pizza are available

– the survey results will be shared on Google Drive so everyone can take a look



– networking night is missing: not sure if it should be included in the budget – confirm with Tanzil

– budget file will be shared on Google Drive
VP Social Voting:

– voting will be at 1-2 pm on Thursday

– Michelle will make a ballot box

– the 4 of us (everyone but Tanzil) will be there to count the votes at 2 pm

– consider doing it instead of an afternoon social on Thursday

– tentative date is June 26 from 1-3 pm

– Naveen will talk to previous exec and look into location, logistics, make a list of things we’ll need (grills, charcoal, gas, people to cook, food, etc)

– we have access to 3 grills

– we expect over 50 people

– discussed trying to get people to RSVP and decided against it

– tentative date July 27

– ask people about length and interest

– Michelle will make a checklist of what will be needed

– approximate cost is $100
Beach Day in August:

– tentatively at the middle or end of August (16 or 17)

– minimal logistics, possibly get some snacks to provide

– try to pick a time of day that is easier for people to attend (not 4-6pm on a Friday)

– could be replaced with something like a Victoria trip

– Humayun will look into badminton

– We should try to be aware of upcoming sports, registration, etc so we don’t miss them.



– Keep in mind so we have them ready to go next semester.


Meeting schedules:

– suggest a regular meeting time – passed

– for now bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 5pm – confirm with Tanzil and Felix to check that that time is ok

– We will try to book Kaiser 4037 every time

– Keep it that way until the end of August if there are no problems from Tanzil or Felix with that time