Minutes May 22, 2014

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – May 22

Location: Kaiser 3065

Time: 2:30pm-3:15pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Michelle Tanzil, Humayun, Naveen

Regrets: None



– a few academic talks and an Eid party have been added to the budget

– no other requests were made to add event to the budget

– Tanzil will find out budget numbers for the Persian New Year party and the Eid party and finalize the budget for presentation to the department



– overall impression is good

– considered how students identify themselves – name, ECE ID, student number

– it was mentioned that providing identifying information might deter people from taking the survey

– it was noted that the survey has more credibility if we can prove that ECE students took it (through identifying information)

– it was decided that student ID will be required as a mandatory field for the survey

– a question was raised about whether or not the non-ECEGSA related questions are relevant

– it was suggested that thay are useful for making changes by the department if significant trends can be identified

– the question about intellectual quality of fellow students was removed so as not to make people taking the survey uncomfortable

– further comments on the survey can be emailed to Ahmed

– Ahmed will be sending out the survey soon


VP Social:

– voting will be about 2 weeks from the nomination announcement

– nomination announcement will be made soon, possibly today

– voting will take place around an afternoon social, but not necessarily at the same time (this will be discussed further at a later meeting)



– we will use Google Groups for all our communication

– an ECEGSA 2014 folder exists for documents, etc. All of our ECEGSA documents will go in there. Executive members can add files and folder as necessary.

– Michelle is in charge of updating the website. She will contact Amin about how to do that.

– it was requested that meetings be arranged by a Google Calendar email so that the people attending the meetings get reminders about them


Meeting Structure:

– one person may bring up an issue they want to discuss

– for it to be discussed at that meeting, at least one other person must second the motion to discuss the issue (whether or not they agree with the person raising the issue doesn’t matter)

– we proceed with discussion if the motion is seconded


Afternoon Socials:

– it was decided that we will assign two people to set up each social and how they divide the work between them is up to them


Next meeting:

– an email will be sent by Ahmed about when the next meeting will be