Minutes August 26, 2014

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – August 26, 2014

Location: Kaiser 4037

Time: 5:00pm-6:30pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Tanzil, Michelle, Felix

Regrets: Humayun


Meeting minutes from last meeting: Approved


Elections for VP Internal

– Ahmed will get voting slips, list for voter names

– Ahmed will be there 1-2 pm, Felix and Tanzil will join to count votes

– all members should vote if possible



– September 2: Lab tours 11:00 am – 12:20 pm

– may consider doing a second presentation if the group is too big – Ahmed will email the presenters to see if they are ok with that, decision will be made on the day of to decide if we need two groups or not

– Ahmed and Michelle will be available to guide students to the labs

– we may also be able to get the new VP Internal to help

– September 5: Presentation as part of the orientation 2:00 pm

– presentation will be roughly the same as the orientation one, with some stuff taken out and more focus on events, pictures, etc

– we’ll take students on a tour of the buildings (Kaiser and MacLeod) after our presentation

– preferable if we can all be there, but we don’t have to be

– are we ordering food? – Ahmed will check with the department, consider wraps instead of pizza

– remember to save some of our budget for January orientation


Grad Lounge

– ask previous presidents about microwaves (likely wait until end of year to buy new ones, if at all)

– Michelle will look into piano tuning, chair prices, fixing tap and light, cleaning fridge and microwave

– Tanzil will look into getting the ping pong table fixed



– Microsoft is having an event – Michelle will forward their email and put up some posters

– CHBE Research Day event – forward any information if they want us to


Next Meeting

– next Tuesday (there will also be a meeting the Tuesday after that)

– discuss sports, hiking, BBQ, workshops, Eid party, networking night planning