Minutes September 2, 2014

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – September 2, 2014

Location: Kaiser 3037

Time: 5:00pm-6:30pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Tanzil, Michelle, Felix, Shreya (had to leave early)

Regrets: Humayun


Meeting minutes from last meeting: Approved


Orientation Presentation

– Ahmed will introduce each person at the beginning and they will talk briefly about themselves

– Ahmed will do the rest of the presentation


Financial Workshop

– Sept 10 at 12:30 pm

– We have to order pizza, Scotiabank will pay

– Remind the pizza guy to bring the card machine and itemized receipt

– Remember to print a page to collect names and email addresses for Scotiabank feedback



– tentatively Monday, Sept 22

– Tanzil will look into catering to see if we can afford it

– use student card to check that people are grad students

– staff and faculty may also be invited

– roughly 200 people (one burger each)



– Library: Friday, Sept 19 tentatively

– MATLAB: Monday, Sept 15 tentatively

– LaTeX and Linux: Date TBA, by Sept 26 at the latest

– Previous group did $15 giftcard for presenters plus Tim Hortons coffee and timbits

– Decide later what we will do about food



– Sept 27 and 28

– Deadline to register is Sept 15

– Registration is $120 per team

– Felix will take the lead on this

– Michelle will send out an email to students to register (within this week)

– Consider making a waiting list for extras

– Charge $5 per person to encourage people to commit (encourage them to pay at the social)

– Consider also buying snacks for participants

– First come first serve for responses, anyone who hasn’t paid by Sept 11 at 5 pm loses their spot and we will contact the next people


Grad Lounge

– table tennis warranty has expired, see if Shreya can look into how to fix it (not urgent)

– we are ok to spend $150 on the piano for tuning and repairs, Ahmed will check with the department to see if we can coordinate with them and tuning their piano upstairs (not a high priority though)

– get $100 worth of chairs (5 at Canadian Tire) tonight

– cleaning tonight, finish tomorrow morning if it takes too long



– Felix will look into them


Food for Orientation

– try not to do pizza, but that can be our backup plan

– Subway is another option

– Ahmed will talk to Tara and then look into prices


Industry field trips

– Example: BC Hydro

– think about it


Possible outdoor events

– Hike early October

– Snowshoeing etc


Room for ECEGSA?

– good for secure storage, meeting people

– more concrete presence of ECEGSA

– will check with Darla about it


Microsoft Posters

– Michelle will print and post or ask Shreya


Networking Night

– set a plan by the end of the month