Minutes September 9, 2014

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – September 9, 2014

Location: Kaiser 5505

Time: 5:00pm-6:30pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Tanzil, Michelle, Felix, Shreya (had to leave early)

Regrets: Humayun


Meeting minutes from last meeting: Change minutes from last week to include a note that Shreya had to leave early. Otherwise Approved.



  • they took care of ordering the pizza for the workshop tomorrow


Library Workshop

  • Shreya will buy 2 boxes of coffee ($30) and 3 boxes of donuts ($27)
  • send out reminder email Monday and Friday



  • Felix will look into how to pay for registration
  • If there is a limit to how many teams can sign up, register ASAP, otherwise register Friday
  • we have enough people, ECEGSA members can be subs if necessary
  • we’ll buy snacks: energy drinks and maybe the leftover hiking granola bars
  • Michelle to email people to tell them to bring money on Thursday



  • AMS catering is a good price – go with that
  • try for Sept 22 – Tanzil will confirm with AMS catering
  • check what they provide (tents, grills, propane, etc)
  • somewhere between 200 and 250 burgers
  • try to get Halal from AMS (see if they’ll get it for us)


Ping Pong

  • there is someone who can look at the ping pong table but he is on vacation right now



  • Michelle will get a quote on tuning and repairs


MATLAB and other workshops

  • ask around for volunteers
  • possible times (based on lab availability): Tues Sept 16 3pm or later, Wed Sept 17 2pm or later, Mon Sept 22 2pm-5pm, Tues Sept 23 10am-1pm, Wed Sept 24 2pm or later
  • Linux person from last year is gone
  • snacks: we have $25 per workshop – decide on this later


  • provide soap for kitchen? – not now, too hard to control who uses it
  • buy microwave covers? – no, not necessarily useful
  • 1 cup coffee maker is ours? – yes, people can bring their own coffee to make with it



  • most likely have volunteers drive and reimburse for gas
  • maybe Chief of Garibaldi would be good
  • 1st or 3rd weekend in October (2nd is the long weekend)
  • ask around, think about what hike to do


Networking night

  • consider combining with IEEE Think event
  • have to consider what we are capable of doing on our own and what kind of event we would be able to do without them, versus what it would be with them
  • leave it for now and think about what we should do


Next meeting

  • to be determined