Minutes September 23, 2014

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – September 23, 2014

Location: Kaiser 4018

Time: 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Tanzil, Michelle, Shreya, Humayun, Felix (had to leave early)


Meeting minutes from last meeting: Approved



  • all but Halal beef burgers have been ordered from AMS
  • pickup in basement of SUB any time after 9am, pay when we pick up
  • Bring down grills: Michelle, Shreya
  • Pick up food from AMS: Tanzil, Ahmed
  • Cooking: Felix, Tanzil, Ahmed (Michelle and Shreya to sub out if needed)
  • Cleanup: whoever is around still
  • Humayun will help out wherever he can
  • How will we keep non-grad students from getting a free burger? – big sign
  • invite staff and faculty? – yes
  • Ahmed will look into renting a tent
  • Michelle will send out email



  • Humayun will look into them and try to arrange some times and presenters



  • look for something close but easier than Grouse Grind
  • look into possibility of kayaking as well



  • ping pong table is fixed
  • book Torn piano for tuning – repairs up to $30


Eid party

  • can get $300 from GSS if held outside the GSS building, $500 if in their building
  • maybe do a powerpoint show (~10 min) about Eid, then a trivia game with Eid as one of the categories
  • if not in GSS building, maybe Kaiser 2020/2030
  • ask GSS about funding at social on Thursday
  • probably the week of October 13


Networking Night

  • plan is to do it without joining with IEEE Student branch
  • Ahmed will make an outline and send to everyone



  • GSS is coming, include this in the email this week


Next Meeting

  • 3 pm next Tuesday