Minutes October 8, 2014

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – October 8, 2014

Location: Kaiser 5505

Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Michelle, Shreya, Felix, Tanzil

Regrets: Humayun


Meeting minutes from last meeting: Approved


Add to task delegation

– Felix – movie night, music night, games night (November or next term while it’s cold)


Eid party

– Food: Kebab, chicken, lamb, rice, salad, etc

– plan is buffet dinner, order extra vegetarian entrees

– tickets – use the ones we have in the store room

– prizes will be USB sticks

– do we need volunteers? yes, for taking tickets, marking trivia, setting up, clean up, maybe presentation

– decorations – just ask people to wear cultural dress

– look at the videos to see how we want to present about Eid

– music: try for music without lyrics, give feedback

– trivia questions – Michelle will try to get some

– cancel afternoon social? – no

– sell fixed number of tickets? – wait to see what response is like first



– reminder email on the day of the workshop

– Humayun has things under control


Networking Night


– yacht, community center (Roundhouse?), Vancouver public library, SFU, art gallery are ideas

– Shreya will summarize them and send it out to everyone

Sponsorship packages:

– goal to start approaching companies by the end of the month

– try to get an invitation package by next week

NSERC application:

– Michelle will work on rewording a bit


Next meeting

– Tuesday 4-6