Minutes October 14, 2014

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – October 14, 2014

Location: Kaiser 4037

Time: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Tanzil, Michelle, Felix, Shreya, Humayun (came late)


Meeting minutes from last meeting: Approved



  • cost will be about $630 (about $12.50 per person)
  • use what we have in the lounge for drinks, plates, cups, etc
  • may need to get some cutlery though – look into it
  • have labels for all the dishes and put vegetarian options at the end to avoid having too many people take them (Ahmed will get the names of the dishes, Shreya will make the food labels)
  • Ahmed made an Eid presentation – looks good, we’ll use that and not do a video presentation
  • Trivia: include country flags and capitals, Felix is in charge of this but may get help from Shreya and Michelle if needed
  • tables: make sure we have enough and consider getting round ones
  • decorations: just have a slide show of nice pictures, Ahmed will do this
  • Michelle will bring her laptop to put the presentation on



  • Shreya will remind Humayun to do the event summary for today’s MATLAB workshop
  • had some issues with people coming and going from the lab, technical difficulties with the projector, having food in the lab (not allowed), getting someone from the ECEGSA to help out – Humayun will fill out the event summary with the details
  • Linux workshop will be later this month (Oct 28 or 29 likely)
  • Latex workshop will be next term to avoid midterms


VP Academic Position:

  • Humayun may want to take a leave of absence until January
  • considering having a temporary substitute fill in
  • have to check with the constitution if this would be ok
  • may also explore other options for if/how to fill in the position


Ping Pong:

  • maybe talk to Scotiabank about getting them to sponsor it
  • put near Chinese New Year to encourage more attendance?


Networking Night:

  • Venues: waiting on quotes still, some documents are available in Google Drive
  • Sponsorship packages: table of packages in Google Drive, maybe try to lower prices a little, can change what the sponsors get but don’t take away anything that’s been given before
  • aiming to be asking companies for sponsorship starting November 1
  • will likely get UBC Career Services to look over the sponsorship package
  • maybe do business cards for students? – no decision for now
  • content: intro, panel discussion, then networking


IEEE Xplore Workshop

  • MCLD 348 on November 6
  • more details to follow


Next Meeting

  • Tuesday, October 21, 2014