Minutes December 2, 2014

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – Dec 2, 2014

Location: Kaiser 4036

Time: 4 pm – 6 pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Michelle, Shreya

Regrets: Tanzil, Felix


Meeting minutes from last meeting: Approved


Christmas Party

  • shopping tonight
  • planning for 150 people
  • Felix is Santa
  • email for setup volunteers tomorrow
  • cancel afternoon social (without bumping down duties in chart), Michelle will email about it
  • volunteers will get their names on the list for thanks event


Movie Night

  • still working on a movie list
  • probably rent through iTunes
  • get the poll for the movie set up
  • get food later when we know what is going on


VP Academic

  • have had two people back out (one because he can’t fulfill the position, one because he can’t campaign in an election)
  • haven’t heard from 3rd person – if he’s still in then we will take him
  • if the 3rd person won’t campaign, we’ll have to pick between him and the one person who is still willing to take the position but cannot campaign
  • if we have to choose between two people, we’ll do a vote within the executive


Networking Night

  • people without email access can help contacting companies by filling in the contact info in the companies database (new column in the sheet for when this is done)
  • still trying to work out PayPal account
  • Michelle to ask Amber about registration system
  • volunteer email is ready, Michelle to share with everyone for comments
  • what to tell companies when they sign up to be a sponsor? – tell them what they need to provide for sponsorship, give them invoice for payment, give receipt once they’ve paid
  • John Madden might be in for panel, Ahmed is looking into it
  • also ask department about sponsorship


  • Ahmed will be gone as of next Tuesday, Michelle will be in charge while he’s gone
  • may meet first week back if needed


Next term

  • Michelle will be around next term 2 days per week
  • Latex workshop in January
  • academic talk hopefully
  • sports – futsal, volleyball, storm the wall, gladiator


Next Meeting

  • Monday, Dec 8, 4-6 pm