Minutes December 8, 2014

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – Dec 8, 2014

Location: Kaiser 3047

Time: 4 pm – 6 pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Michelle, Shreya, Felix

Regrets: Tanzil


Meeting minutes from last meeting: Approved


Networking Night

  • John Madden is willing to do the panel but has to confirm, if he’s in he will talk to an industrial partner, also gave some other suggestions just in case
  • Andre Ivanov – ok with being on the panel, suggested a student on the panel, suggested CEO of BCTIA, UILO, etc as the moderator, will send them an email to invite (Michelle to write), ECE will help with sponsorship if needed
  • BC Hydro, no response from Felix’s contact – try sending via ECEGSA email?
  • Volunteer email ready and will be sent in early January
  • Survey tool available through UBC – still waiting to hear back if it’s appropriate, will use this if possible
  • Still trying to sort out transferring the PayPal name
  • go ahead and contact non-industry organizations to invite (incl. ICICS)


VP Academic

  • go ahead and invite Arvind to take the position, since he’s the only one that is able to take on the responsibilities – Ahmed to do
  • will respond to others saying thank anyway and we encourage them to nominate themselves in April – Ahmed to do



  • most of us won’t be here, could show up for just a few minutes if necessary
  • if we can’t make it, will do our own informal orientation the next week
  • Michelle to email Tara to let her know our situation



  • futsal: men’s team, volleyball: co-rec
  • people that are on teams have been told
  • Felix to email players about payment
  • have captains for both teams
  • need to get shirts still (futsal definitely, volleyball not sure) – Felix to look into options
  • Felix to ask department about getting shirts specifically for that purpose
  • January 8 and 11 are first possible game days


MBE consultation

  • Michelle to forward email to ECEGSA executive
  • Michelle to respond and tell them we’d come to a meeting, we also could forward the email to students if needed


Movie Night

  • move to Tuesday – Shreya to book room
  • Home Alone and Despicable Me
  • snacks: popcorn, chips, pop – $50 to $100 is reasonable


Next Meeting

  • TBD