Meeting Minutes [July 20, 2017]

Place: Graduate Lounge, MCLD 422, UBC

Time: Thursday, 11:00 HRS, July 20, 2017


  1. Mehdi Mohammadi (President)
  2. Mohammad Arafat Hussain (Secretary) – [over Skype]
  3. Mustafa Hammood (VP Student Services) – [over Skype]
  4. Reefayat Majumder (VP Social Internal)
  5. Maximilian Golub (VP Social External)

Discussed Points:

  1. Labs to be included in the ECEGSA orientation (Sep 06, 11:00 am – 01:00 pm). Planning of sequential visits to those.
  2. Visiting Labs’ list:
    1. Power Lab (Kaiser 3rd floor)
    2. RCL Lab (Kaiser 3rd floor)
    3. Computer lab (MacLeod)
    4. Nano fabrication lab (Ample Building)
    5. Multimedia Lab (ICICs X310)
    6. ECEGSA lounge.
  3. Preparing the presentation file – Deadline: August 15.
  4. How do we present – plan
  5. Upcoming workshops to organize
  6. Hiking next week – Linen loop

Action Items:

  1. [For Arafat] Preparing the ECEGSA presentation and send to Reef for modification.
  2. [For Mehdi] Forwarding the email address of BMO to Arafat
  3. [For Arafat] Making an appointment to BMO
  4. [For Mustafa] Emailing to Post-docs for organizing any possible workshop
  5. [For Reef] Preparing a self-introducing video for the orientation presentation