Meeting Minutes

Place: Graduate Lounge, MCLD 422, UBC

Time: Monday, 11:30 HRS, September 25, 2017


  1. Mehdi Mohammadi (President)
  2. Mohammad Arafat Hussain (Secretary) – [over Skype]
  3. Nishchay Khanna  (Treasurer)
  4. Mustafa Hammood (VP Student Services)

Discussed Points/Action Taken:

  1. ECEGSA Budget
  2. Upcoming workshop
  3. Workshop budget
  4. Reimbursement for the Mentorship event

Action Items:

  1. [For Arafat] To drop the bank documents to Mehdi by tomorrow, Tuesday, Sep 26.
  2. [For Nishchay] To know from the department about the deadline for the budget submission.
  3. [For Reef] Planning of arranging the social event/BBQ, if possible, in the mid October.
  4. [For Mustafa] Communicate with potential workshop instructors.