Meeting Minutes

Place: Graduate Lounge, MCLD 422, UBC

Time: Monday, 11:30 HRS, November 27, 2017


  1. Mehdi Mohammadi (President)
  2. Mohammad Arafat Hussain (Secretary) – [over Skype]
  3. Nishchay Khanna  (Treasurer) – [over Skype]

Discussed Points/Decision made:

  1. End-of-the-year party at NEST: It is decided not to buy alcoholic drinks (they are expensive). Instead, we can buy more food.
  2. Ping-pong tournament: Coffee and Cookies will be provided. Organized by volunteers and Mehdi.
  3. Talk by start-up companies

Action Items:

  1. [For Arafat] Uploading the meeting minutes
  2. [For Max] Filling up the reimbursement form and hand it to Mehdi or Nishchay
  3. [For everyone] Introducing start-up companies to Mustafa/Mehdi and their contact information, if known any