barbecue – Sep 05, 2013

Minutes 2010 04 20

Meeting Agenda Introductions of Executive What relevant experiences do you bring? What do you envision GSA as? What role do you see yourself having? GSA Operations Overview Event-focused Create committees with other volunteers as necessary Develop a volunteer list? Will need to send out some kind of email, anyway Good to have regular events (coffee […]

Minutes 2010 04 23

This meeting was more of an informal chat, but here were the take-away points: GSAs at UBC, in general, are all on their own (not technically an official student group). This means that they don’t have to follow any particular rule set but they can also get into trouble, as happened with a previous ECEGSA […]

Minutes 2010 04 27

2010/04/27 Meeting with Luca Fillipozzi, Andre Ivanov and Robert Schober – KAIS 5505 Attendance: Andre Ivanov, Head Robert Schober, Associate Head Graduate Affairs & Graduate Advisor Luca Filipozzi, Director of Operations Adam Noel (ECEGSA President) Dana Hoffmann (ECEGSA Treasurer) Parisa Behnamfar (ECEGSA VP Social Affairs) Mohammad Mohammadnia (ECEGSA Secretary) Ahmad Ashoori (ECEGSA VP Student Affairs) […]

Minutes 2010 04 30

Primary task of the meeting: To go over the budget. Dana had prepared a draft for events with some detail about each event. We went over it one by one and discussed it. This is Dana’s list: Events BBQ Weekly coffee/tea Orientation Group hike (transportation) Potluck Games / Movies night New year parties Career night […]

Minutes 2010 05 20

Adam gives some updates: Andre Ivanov has no comment about the budget. He said we can submit it. Luca has not replied yet. Luca will be away for 2 weeks starting May 24. Adam then explains the incident happened in the lounge. The cleaning of the lounge will happen tomorrow. Monday June 14, 10am to […]

Minutes 2010 06 11

Dana and Adam met with Luca: Luca agreed for the budget. Luca prefers we raise money. For the furniture, he needs quotes then he will say if he agrees or not. For career night, Luca wants to see the name of companies which going to participate before he agrees or not for the budget. 2 […]

Minutes 2010 06 17

Forum follow-up: Ask Andre to see if he want to ask Tyssir or we should ask him . Annual General Meeting is on the coming Tuesday (June 22). Budget for the event is 200$. Parisa: Responsible to make the poster. Ahmad: Responsible to get the 10 pizza. Mohammad: Responsible to get the 3 case of […]

Minutes 2010 06 22

Number of participants: 35 Adam presented the constitution. The voting happened after that and the constitution accepted. Then Dana presented the budget. A student asked about why there have not been any event so far and Dana told him that’s because the budget just got accepted. Adam told the participants that the department give us […]

Minutes 2010 06 24

his meeting was a conversation held between Adam Noel, Dana Hoffmann, and Jaishankar Iyer There are three kinds of funding available from GSS: Departmental Organization Fund (DOF). This fund provides a credit of up to $3 for every student in the department. It can only be used towards events held at GSC facilities (cleanup fee […]