Minutes 2011 05 06

Participants: Adam, Rubaiya, John, Amy, Sima.

  • Mrigank Sharma, ECE departmental representative to GSS, attended this meeting for first 15 minutes. Since he will be away for next 4 months, he proposed to the executive committee that any of us (or any ECE grad student) can proxy his position as a councillor at GSS. He also said that our involvement in the counselling at GSS will help us to bring our departmental issues to GSS. We decided to attend the next GSS council meeting on May 19th.
  • Meeting with Dr. Andre Ivanov is set on May 11, 2011 (Wednesday) at 1:30-2:30 pm. All of us will be present at the meeting for discussing and approving the updated financial policy.
  • ECEGSA execs may participate in the convocation BBQ this year.
  • ECEGSA website access was given to the new executives. Adam showed others how to edit the webpage.
  • To encourage grad students in volunteering during ECEGSA events, we discussed about some rewarding option. Adam proposed arranging parties for volunteers who will work for ECEGSA for a certain period of time. Rubaiya and Amy proposed giving them some certificate. Anyway, we agreed we can do both.
  • Events planning will be done per semester. Each of the executives will be in main charge of at least one event. We will decide about the summer events soon. For several events we need to rent and drive cars. We discussed about who are the probable drivers or provide own vehicles for this purpose.
  • For some events like Christmas party, Networking night, etc. where alcohol with other beverages will be served, we need one of us who will be present at those events to take serving-it-right certification test. Sima agreed to take a look at the website and course materials.
  • For networking night event this year, we discussed about the probable venue. We may collaborate with other departments (CS, Mech) to bring sponsors.
  • Since Adam will be away for few weeks for his wedding on June, we decided to arrange the AGM by the end of the May.