Minutes 2011 05 11

Participants: Dr. Andre Ivanov, Darla La Pierre, Adam, Rubaiya, John, Amy, Sima.


    • Introduction of the new execs to the Head, and
    • Sign the financial policy acknowledgment
  • All new executives were introduced to Dr. Andre and Darla.
  • The execs discussed with Andre and Darla about the student survey and their expectation for the upcoming year’s ECEGSA events.
  • Andre suggested us we might grow involvement of the faculty member with the ECEGSA events, by inviting them to the weekly coffee social and other events. He said, it might help the student-supervisor relationship. Adam proposed to have a survey among the faculty members to get idea about their interest.
  • The execs discussed about some initiative that can be taken to encourage students to volunteer during the ECEGSA events. They proposed appreciation party and some rewarding method for volunteers. Andre encouraged this initiative and on behalf of the department agreed to sponsor these events.
  • All execs and Andre signed the financial policy acknowledgment.