Minutes 2012 06 08

Participants: Ali, Sabrina, Ghasem


– Update about the Financial Planning workshop

– Update about the Student Survey

– Planning for Annual General Meeting

– Start of planning for Industry night

– Planning for summer activities


  • Ghasem gave two tentative date for the Financial planning workshop, July 3/ July 10
  • Ali asked Ghasem to confirm after asking Fahama whether the workshop is free of cost or not
  • Ghasem mentioned that IEEE UBC has agreed to give certificates to the person conducting the workshops
  • It was decided to have either hiking or an outdoor sports event for the month of June
  • Ali proposed to have a 7-8 slide presentation, pizza and refreshment for the AGM to be held by the end of this month
  • Ali said he will ask Darla about the update on whether the check from the department has been processed or not
  • Ali mentioned that he is preparing the application for NSERC funding for the industry night
  • Ali also said that he is going to contact the CS and Mech department representative for possible collaboration in organizing the Industry night.
  • The committee decided to start the biweekly networking night in summer and decided to provide small refreshment in those sessions
  • The committee decided to finalize the student survey and the tasks of new positions in the committee in the next meeting