Minutes 2012 05 15

Participants: Ali, Sabrina, Ghasem


– Filling up the vacant position of VP social services/ option for structural reformation of committee

– Conducting the ECEGSA Student Survey

– Organizing Financial Planning Workshop


  • Ali mentioned about the ways that were adopted to do changes in constitution by previous committee
  • Sabrina proposed to dissolve the VP Social Services and introduce two new posts instead, naming VP Social External and VP Social Internal
  • The members agreed to share a Google document to enlist the tasks for the new positions
  • Ali said he will send feedback about the survey questionnaire prepared by Ghasem
  • It was decided that Sabrina and Ghasem will meet with Darla to have her feedback on the survey questionnaire
  • Ghasem informed the committee that the Financial Planning seminar can be organized twice a year (tentative schedule: July and September)
  • Ghasem said he will ask Fahama(person conducting the seminar) to send the presentation, so that the committee can review it.