Minutes 2012 08 01

Participants: Ali, Sabrina, Cara, Ghasem, Maryam


– Finalize ECEGSA election voting procedure

– Preparation for the orientation


  • Ali mentioned that Adam showed interest to present a MATLAB workshop in the orientation.
  • Ghasem said he will contact the previous years Linux workshop coordinator and try to get his schedule.
  • Ali will contact the librarian for hosting the library workshop.
  • Sabrina said she will contact the previous years presenter for Latex workshop.
  • The tentative timeline for the workshops was fixed as following, Linux and Library would be in the upcoming September and MATLAB and Latex would be in early October. All are subject to the availability of the presenters of the workshops.
  • Tentative date for orientation session was fixed at Thursday 6th, 12-2:00 pm and Wednesday 5th, 11-1:00 pm in the month of September.
  • The committee agreed to set the Bike co-op borrowing period to 1 day initially .
  • It was decided at the meeting that Ali will send a reminder for the upcoming election on this Tuesday.
  • Sports events for August: Maryam will draft the email for the upcoming weekly basketball, volleyball events.
  • The BBQ event for the new students was decided to be held in Sep 8.
  • The committee agreed to buy Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer ball for the sports events.
  • Cara mentioned that she is availble to sit on Wednesday for the voting period and Sabrina and Ghasem mentioned that they both are available on both days, depending on the availability of Ali, the distribution of time slots will be decided