Minutes 2012 08 16

Participants: Ali, Sabrina, Cara, Ghasem, Maryam, Hamid


– Finalize Bike co op email draft and agreement form

– ECEGSA logo contest

– Orientation workshops

– Preparation for orientation session

– Biweekly networking event

– Industry/Networking night


  • The committee agreed to add loss of property clause in the email draft and in the agreement of Bike co op. (In case the bike gets stolen, the person borrowing the bike will have to submit a RCMP report)
  • It was decided in the committee that, if the keys and helmet of the bike is lost, then the person borrowing the bike at that time will lose his/her deposit
  • Ghasem and Sabrina decided to finalize the draft of the email for Bike co op including all these clauses.
  • For logo contest, the committee agreed to shortlist the top three designs and the open these three to public voting.
  • As a guideline the committee agreed that both the ECEGSA and UBC terms should be mentioned in logo
  • For the Linux and Latex workshops, it was decided to use computerized rooms, for Library and MATLAB workshops, it was decided to go with normal non computerized rooms. Ghasem said he will send out email to book computerized rooms. The refreshments at the workshops were decided to be coffee and cookie.
  • In the orientation sessions of Fall, for lunch the committee decided to order pizza and beverages.
  • For the booth in the GSS orientation, the committee decided to print some business cards for executives using Vistaprint.
  • The committee agreed to start the biweekly networking from September once the new students come.
  • Ali asked Ghasem to open a Google doc for the list of people coming in the biweekly networking event
  • Ali mentioned that he will check with Dr. Ivanov whether we can invite the 3rd/4th year UG students or not.
  • Maryam and Hamid said they will contact Ahmad Ashoori to get the list of companies for the networking night from previous years.
  • Sabrina mentioned that she will email the call for volunteers for the networking nigh and also for the workshops.
  • The committee set the date for networking night on November 5th or 6th subject to the availability of Dr. Ivanov.
  • Following are the important deadlines set for the networking night:

Oct 7, last date for buying ticket for companies without sponsorship, Sep 29, last date for sponsorship declaration

  • Ali proposed to have two 5 min video presentation slots in the networking night events which will be sold for $500 each and the committee agreed.