Minutes 2012 09 26

Participants: Ali, Sabrina, Cara, Ghasem, Hamid


– Music Night

– Bi-weekly Industry night

– Lab cleanliness issue raised by Dr. Ivanov

– Networking Night

– Workshop


  • Sabrina was assigned the task to send a call for volunteer e-mail for Music night going to be held on Oct 10. Ali said he will send an reminder to all the graduate students for the event.
  • Ali mentioned that he is in contact with the Fortynet company and they are interested to send representative for the bi-weekly industry night event. The committee set the tentative date to second week of October.
  • Ali said that that he will start an e-mail thread for brainstorming about how to present the issue regarding lab cleanliness to graduate students. Ghasem proposed to include Dr. Lampe in the thread. The preliminary idea was to introduce a contest between the labs about organization and cleanliness.
  • Ali mentioned that Colleen proposed to have food circulating among the guests before the panel discussion starts in the Networking Night. The committee agreed to that. Cara and Maryam were assigned the task to contact with the hotel manager for the food options and arrangement of chairs during the panel discussion. Cara and Sabrina was also included in the ecegsa mailing list to contact companies.
  • Ali urged everyone to leave a positive impact while discussing about ECEGSA exec experience with other people. So that more people become interested in being a part of the committee.
  • Ghasem mentioned about the upcoming programming workshop and IEEE Xtreme programming contest organized by IEEE UBC. He said he is going to advertise these events among the graduate students via ECEGSA.