Minutes 2013 01 14

Participants: All execs


– Upcoming events of January and February


  • Maryam was given the responsibility to follow up with the APSC department for pending payments of Networking Night
  • Maryam, Ali and Ghasem volunteered for the CLL workshop on Jan 17.
  • During Ali’s absence Ghasem was given the task to send out coffee social reminder.
  • Sabrina was given the task of room booking for Scotiabank info session on Feb 13.
  • Ghasem said he would get in touch with Adam Noel to find out about volunteers of ping pong tournament last year.
  • Cara was given the responsibility to book GSS for Chinese and Persian New Year.
  • Tentative dates were fixed at Feb 13,15 for Chinese new year and March 21-22 for Persian new year.
  • The committee discussed about the paintball deal suggested by another fellow grad student. The committee decided not to go for that deal because of the distant location and decided to keep looking for deals in close by locations. Cara suggested to try UBC paintball club and Ali said he would send an email to find out more details about that.
  • Sabrina was assigned to look for bowling deals for an upcoming bowling night.
  • The committee decided to hold an ice skating event for the month of January. Ali said he will draft the email. ECEGSA will reimburse skate rental fee for ECEGSA students