Minutes 2013 02 04

Participants: Sabrina, Ghasem, Hamid, Maryam


– Upcoming events and workshops of February


  • SunRun team registration: Maryam notified about the costing of team registration, early bird: Feb 15, $31, regular, March 8, $35, Minimum 20 persons needed for registration. Maryam agreed to send out an doodle poll for the participants of the event. The committee decided to ask the student proposing the event, Sheng Pan to be the coordinator.
  • Ali Amiri’s workshop on software engineering: Upon his request about serious participants, the committee decided to hold these events on weekends. The committee agreed to get $5 deposit from participants, which will be given back after the workshop. The committee decided to collect the money on Afternoon socials. Either Ali Amiri/Ghasem/Hamid would take care of giving back the deposit. Ghasem agreed to take care of room booking (multiple rooms) for the workshop. Hamid will notify the tentative date after discussing with Ali Amiri. Hamid also agreed to draft the email for this workshop.
  • Scotiabank info session: Ghasem notified that Scotiabank has agreed to sponsor us for the Logo Contest ($300). The committee decided to ask whether they could sponsor the Ping Pong tournament as well. Date of the Info Session: Feb 27 (2-3 pm). Ghasem will take care of the booking. Committee decided to provide coffee and cookie. Hamid, Maryam and Ghasem will be the volunteers for the event.
  • Ping Pong Tournament: Ghasem agreed to send out the email for the tournament. Ahmed will volunteer as the coordinator and referee of the event. Maryam will ask the department to provide some jackets as prize for the tournament. Ghasem will ask Ahmed whether two tables will be needed or not. Upon request, Hamid will contact the forestry department for the second table.
  • Chinese NY: Feb 15. Thea’s Lounge. Sabrina will contact Cara about food options and tentative budget for the event. The committee agreed to arrange some games and decoration for the event.
  • The committee discussed a possibility of an outdoor snowshoeing event in early March