Minutes 2013 03 11

Participants: All execs


  • Persian New Year
  • Linux
  • Go kart
  • Sun Run


  • The committee decided to hold PNY jointly with Mega and hence give 20 tickets to them. The price was fixed at $5 and $10 for member and non memeber respectively.
  • Ticket sell dates: March 14, 18, 21,22. Persons selling the tickets: Ali,Ghasem, Cara, Hamid and Sabrina respectively.
  • The committee decided to have 10 volunteers for the event and reimburse them.
  • Linux workshop date was fixed at March 22. Hamid will send the email with doodle option for RSVP.
  • Maryam will check the group on deal for the go kart event and will send an email reminder.
  • Maryam will send the reminder email for SunRun.