Minutes 2013 03 19

Participants: All execs


– Persian New Year

– Bengali New Year

– Linux

– Logo Design

– Go-kart


  • The tasks of PNY were distributed among the execs as following: VOlunteer coordination: Sabrina, Camcorder: Ali, Dessert, Fruits, Nuts: Ali, Cutlery, Drinks: Maryam, Consulting a Persian Singer: Maryam.
  • The tentative date of BNY is fixed at April 19. Sabrina will book the room. Tentative ticket selling date would be First and Second week social of April.
  • Maryam will accompany the participants to the gokart event.
  • Maryam will be present as the volunteer in the Linux workshop.
  • Ghasem and Ali will send email for the Logo design.